Hooked on Helping

The Hooked on Helping Seminar teaches you "How to Help Needy People Without Becoming Dysfunctional Yourself!" The principles and tools that Gary Browning covers in the seminar were developed over 26 years of conducting over 2,000 Discovery 12 step groups. Gary has ministered to thousands who have lived from one crisis to another. This half-day seminar guides family members and caregivers of all kinds through identification and prevention of what many call ENABLING and CODEPENDENCY.


During the Seminar you will Discover:

  • The Biblical Case for Caring - Establishes a foundation for “legitimate” serving and helping others as seen throughout Scriptures.
  • The NON-Codependent Jesus - The “direct” Jesus rarely emphasized in modern teaching and preaching
  • When Helping Becomes Hurtful - A startling exposé of the subtle point at which helping the “chronically needy” reflects deficiencies of confidence and lack of identity within the helper. Both groups can find deliverance and experience healing!
  • The Pitfall of False Guilt - How some tragedy, past loss or trauma creates a pool of pity that perpetuates the condition, makes helpers feel obligated and militates against personal, healthy choices
  • Equilibrium after Chaos by the Will of God - In this segment, the helper returns to life centered in the Will of God rather than human sympathy.
  • Healthy Interdependence - The counter point to codependency, when those helping and those helped become mutually invested and co-laborers in the process.
  • Turning Takers into Givers - The crowning achievement for those needing help and those helping.

Compassion to Care, Courage to Confront, Going Forward - A balanced lifestyle of healthy inter-personal relationships based on truth and love while serving God’s purpose.

This seminar is a Saturday morning event.

Host a Hooked on Helping Seminar at your church or in your community

How to Lead a Successful Small Group

Since 1992 Gary has successfully led over 2,000 small groups. This seminar offers insights that will encourage group participation while staying on point.

It is ideal for pastors who can attract a large crowd through preaching, music and social functions, but struggle with assimilating the church into a community expression.

This seminar is a Saturday morning event.

The Practice of Christian Meditation

This seminar teaches and demonstrates how to go deeper in one’s personal relationship with God. From the dynamic encounter at the altar to the deepening of one’s spiritual roots, from the roller coaster lifestyle characteristic of recovering individuals to a centered intimate walk with God, this seminar offers serious seekers of all kinds the potential of transformation by the renewed mind of Christ.

Learn how to reduce stress, renew spiritual energy, focus and routinely experience God’s presence in your life!

This seminar is a Saturday morning event.