Christ Anglican NEXT STEP Report

At our most recent NEXT STEP Seminar at Christ Anglican Church, Linda and I received many encouraging words. We thank those who participated and many others who have shared with us during these days when the playing field of recovery is changing.

Here are a few edited responses from NEXT STEP:

Personal motivation is a key to recovery. Over-familiarity with the system/structure destroys individual initiative to change permanently.

 God is bringing us back to foundations: Before Addiction/Addiction & Recovery/Calling.

 We own our responsibility for the problem, and we refuse to allow the problem to own us. Ex. I am an addict.

We embrace the Father’s grace and serve others as an expression of gratitude. Our allegiance is to truth, not what is popular!

 Giving back creates personal empowerment. We continually visualize the steps to success and develop positive life-skills. The church once again becomes the prophetic voice of God.