Changing Prescriptions

As Linda and I sat at the Home of Grace offering pastoral counseling to one of the future overcomers from addiction, the Holy Spirit moved upon me to speak prophetically to her,

You came here following one script for your life, but you will leave here following another. The old script is what ‘they’ thought you would and should be. Your family and friends, your teachers and society, even you have believed, ‘it’s just how I am.’

But Jesus, the Great Physician is re-scripting your life. Actually, His plan was pre-scripted before the foundation of the world and you are just now getting it filled and beginning to follow it.

This is the beginning of His original plan for you. No matter who tries to put you back on the old script, do not fall into that trap. That old script no longer works for you. 

Coming off the old script can be scary. It is what you have always known. It is what you have always thought. It is what your spouse and children have come to believe about you, but do not be afraid. You will decide and hold fast to what Jesus has scripted for you. 

Your destiny is filled with healing and deliverance, great promise and permanent victory, if you stay ‘on script’.