Testimony from Catherine

My name is Catherine and I am a transformed alcoholic addict! At 64 years old, I have spent approximately 45 years now struggling with this generational curse.

I have known God all my life, but I was that one lamb that Jesus always had to come after.

Finally, I surrendered. God was not finished with me. In October, 2016 when I came to the Home of Grace, (one of the most profoundly spiritual places I have ever been, truly hallowed ground), He began pruning me.

This program offers many classes like anger management, boundaries, coping skills and parenting. There is an abundance of spiritual mentors here. During one such class I met Gary and Linda Browning.

Gary brings the Gospels to life in a way that connects with each of us and makes us feel as if we were there on those hillsides with Jesus.

The Home of Grace is the Savior’s Place as Mrs. Littleton sings and indeed this is true!

More than Bible stories, those of us who come here are learning a new way of life, if we are willing to receive it. I graduate soon. I am praying that I take what I have learned into the world and share the message.