The 2017 Next Step Seminar

The calling of Discovery Family Ministries is to get the slum out of people, not just getting people out of the slum. This is a tall order! It requires that all of us take the recovery process to another level. The 2017 NEXT STEP SEMINAR does that! 

Has the Recovery Culture become branded? Is it another institution? Are we maintaining sobriety without going on to mission?

God is calling on us to collaborate in getting in front of the problem of addiction and dependency. Going forward we cannot afford to blindly depend upon institutions to provide all our personal answers. They are accessible to each of us, if we are willing to listen, learn and engage.

DFM has promoted successful recovery to others for over 25 years. Now we seek to replicate in others what has worked for us personally.

 We invite you, all of you, to participate in a 2017 NEXT STEP SEMINAR. Please do not just send “those who are addicted.” This seminar is for everyone, especially if you suspect yourself to be “co-dependent.” 

 The four sessions will cover the following topics:

1. Personal Empowerment which means recognizing who God called you to be and getting in step with the Spirit. It is manifested by passion and purpose.
2. Finding Your Prophetic Voice which means seeing and hearing something ahead of its time and speaking out of that place rather than mindlessly speaking the usual “company line” or being religiously or politically correct.
3. Restoring Confidence which is another word for “faith.” It is the assurance that God is working in you. It is doing life without mixture. It is knowing and living through your true identity as God’s child.
4.   Walking in Discernment which means distinguishing between what is true and false, permanent or temporary. It is that divine quality given to disciples of the Lord that prevents us from being deceived by Satan or the world system. Surprisingly, our religion may be part of that world system.

See Venues below where you can participate. Call or write if you desire to host a Next Step Seminar in your area. 

• February 4th    8 AM to Noon at Christ Anglican Church
                3275 Halls Mill Rd, Mobile, AL 36606
                Contact Rev. Ken Aycock at (251) 476-7790 RSVP

February 25th  8 AM to Noon at Abundant Life Church
                1000 Woodridge Place, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
                Contact Pastor Larry Grainger at (615) 754-7035