Getting in Front of the Problem and HOW!

(for those who care to think and think to care)

Let me gently say that spirituality is not merely a “component” of a well balanced recovery program, as typical, conventional, established programs have suggested, rather it is the core essential to all permanent recovery and permeates every aspect of life.

It is a spirituality that finds its clearest and best expression in the God of the Bible. Making God “useful” to our recovery is fundamentally humanistic, not spiritual.

This spirituality is not a nebulous zone of nirvana; it is a description that identifies those who have a relationship with the true and living God offered exclusively through Jesus Christ. He is the Way, the only Way, to come to God, the Father of us all. Watering down this essential is misleading.

Getting sober is secondary to discovering God. God may use our fallen condition to motivate us to reach out to Him, but finding sobriety without finding Him, we are still lost!

Therefore, while we appreciate the burden of the court system, we must present God, manifested in Jesus Christ, as the starting point and fulfillment of the recovery process. Combine this with learning practical “life-skills” that healthy parents teach and we prevent the growing problems of addiction in America. We get in front of the problem.

Rather than continuing to spend our resources on cleaning up the mess; we would be wiser to invest in prevention! This reverses the momentum of failure to one of success!

Thank you for investing in Discovery Family Ministries. Your investment into our ministry creates a momentum of success and accomplishment. It perpetuates Christ’s life for generations to come. Thank you for seeing the vision and participating in the mission.