See You Later in Galilee

The other night I heard Max Lucado refer to a comment Jesus made to Peter and the other disciples in Matthew 26:32. Essentially that verse says, “See you later in Galilee.”

What made Jesus’ comment so powerful to me was the timing of His statement and knowing to whom He was saying it.

This was a pivotal time in Jesus’ earthly life and ministry. The hour had almost arrived for Him to be arrested, tortured and crucified. His closest friends with whom He had just shared the “covenant meal” would soon abandon Him. His tightest relationships would fall asleep while He prayed sweating great drops of blood. Ultimately all would forsake the mission.

Yet Jesus, would confidently say to them, plan on meeting Me in Galilee after I have been raised. What a Savior!!

He already knew they all would forsake Him and that outspoken Peter would flatly deny Him, yet He looked beyond the temporary and saw the eternal.

This thought drives me to my knees in thanksgiving to God for looking beyond my temporary lapses in judgment. He knew I would fall asleep and forsake Him, yet He said,” Gary, I will see you later.”

Here is a word of encouragement for you, grandfather of a wayward child or faithful mother who cries herself to sleep exhausted from worry, Jesus is on the other side of this temporary season.

I do not know where your Galilee may be. It could be at the end of a season filled with backslidden denials. It could be heaven. But He promised, “I will see you there later.” And He will show up!

We will meet again!