Let My People Go!

Linda and I deeply appreciate your faithful monetary support for Discovery Family Ministries. Thank you for connecting the value of God’s message of deliverance with those enslaved by addictions. Simply put, your money sends a message.

In reading through the Bible again this year, I was refreshed in my spirit by Moses’ call to carry God’s message. Read Exodus 3&4.

Without being melodramatic, we too have heard from God. It was like a burning bush revelation. Space does not allow me to tell you the prophetic dreams and words that came forth at that time, but in 1992 He began to speak to me about returning into Egypt with a message: Let my people go!

I will tell you one significant account. One day while working at The Shoulder Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Baldwin County, my head was bowed reading the Scriptures in my office. A man whom I had known years before suddenly appeared in the doorway.

I asked him what brought him to see me. He said, “I had a dream about you last night.”

I said, “I have not seen you in almost 10 years and you had a dream about me?” He said, “I know. I thought it was important so I came to tell you.”

He said, “I saw an hourglass. The sands in the top part had almost completely emptied into the bottom when a hand reached out of the darkness and the voice of God said, I am about to turn over the time for Gary Browning.”

This man’s dream impacted me! I bowed my head again and when I raised up to thank him for telling me, he was gone!

God did indeed turn my times over. Since then I have spoken to multitudes of people about the hope that awaits those who completely trust in Him and His power to deliver their captivity.

The crying and groaning of God’s children in Egypt came up to Him and He visited Moses with His burden to set the captive free. This was no vague humanitarian concern about suffering people everywhere. It was task and population specific!

We all remember Moses’ excuses: I am nobody; I am inadequate; I am not convincing; I am powerless; I am not articulate.

God answered all of Moses’ objections and excuses by one resounding statement, I AM!!!

He is still able and He is still calling, Let My People Go! As we go in His name, you are participating with us in all our venues of ministry.

DFM has thrived for 23 years because of those who do not just feel sorry for the alcoholic or drug addict, but who see these as the children of God in need of deliverance. And further, God has provided selective benefactors for this mission!

The mission is daunting. I have my times of despair, even human reaction, but God calls me back to the His message and mission, Let My People Go!!

Thank you for sending Linda and I back into the mission field again in 2015. We are American missionaries! Our children are enslaved by addictions! Those enslaved count on us being there for them. Thank you for saying yes as we have said yes to God’s calling.