Don’t Wait to Meditate!

Blessed (happy, fortunate, prosperous, enviable) is the person who does not receive counsel from the ungodly, does not follow the sinful crowd, does not become cynical…but rather delights in God’s Word and meditates (ponders, contemplates, chews) on itthey become like a healthy tree planted by rivers of life-giving water, they become fruitful in time and whatever they do prospers! Psalm 1:1-3 (paraphrased)

I use to think only weirdos, geeks and cultural misfits took up practices like meditation. It was foreign to me! I wanted to be among people who were part of the big scene. My friends were popular (even if I wasn’t). Who needed to waste time meditating? I wanted to be with people who were on the fast track to success, the shakers and movers! I was too busy making my mark on life, “living the dream,” grabbing all the gusto I could get!

Then I hit a brick wall! My life slowed to a snail's pace. I began to approach life more thoughtfully, one day at a time. I began to see the deepening value of routinely spending time with God in prayer and meditating upon His Word. Instead of human opinion, it became the final authority for maximizing my life. Gradually, my kinetic, fragmented soul began to experience unification and healing.

Then I noticed that all my work and effort became more satisfying and effective. Instead of devouring life, I savored it! Even my relationships, though fewer, seemed to matter more.

Now I encourage others, especially the young, to do themselves a favor...don’t wait to meditate! Get centered on God’s Word. Experience His presence in personal prayer. It improves our quality of life. It makes us a more fulfilled person. And we live longer and better.

Perhaps with more meditation, we would need less medication and mediation. Just a thought...