Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die? 2 Kings 7:3

Israel was in a difficult place. Ben-Hadad, the King of Syria, was threatening from without and the land was devastated with severe famine.



Hear the dynamic testimony of Brandon Sanders! 

  • Lives in Katy, TX with his wife Cary serving as an Associate Pastor at PowerHouse Church
  • Served on Staff under Pastor Chris Patrick at the Wings of Life in Mobile
  • Launched the FatherHood initiative in cooperation with Mobile County Health Department
  • Launched Urban Missionariez, an evangelistic outreach using “Rap” music to connect with the emerging generation
  • Served as a Pastor on Staff at The Cave Ministries in West Mobile

Brandon personifies the mission of Discovery Family Ministries. Since being miraculously delivered from a lifestyle of addiction and family brokenness, Brandon strongly emphasizes men taking responsibility and represents Godly leadership! 

Date: Thursday, October 5, 2017

Location: The Original Oyster House, 3733 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Time: Awesome Dinner at 6:30 PM (for various palates)

Theme: Taking Action, Changing Minds, Removing Dependencies

Speaker: Brandon Sanders & Testimonies

Cost: $50 per person

RSVP by September 29th, Limited Seating Available

Special Music: Brett Gambino

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Christ Anglican NEXT STEP Report

At our most recent NEXT STEP Seminar at Christ Anglican Church, Linda and I received many encouraging words. We thank those who participated and many others who have shared with us during these days when the playing field of recovery is changing.

Here are a few edited responses from NEXT STEP:

Personal motivation is a key to recovery. Over-familiarity with the system/structure destroys individual initiative to change permanently.

 God is bringing us back to foundations: Before Addiction/Addiction & Recovery/Calling.

 We own our responsibility for the problem, and we refuse to allow the problem to own us. Ex. I am an addict.

We embrace the Father’s grace and serve others as an expression of gratitude. Our allegiance is to truth, not what is popular!

 Giving back creates personal empowerment. We continually visualize the steps to success and develop positive life-skills. The church once again becomes the prophetic voice of God.

At The Crossroads of Recovery, Looking Around

Discovery Family Ministries is not the first or last to say this, but the modern recovery movement, as we have known it, is at a crossroads. Many are being faced with a “conscience” issue and are looking around to discover a fresh, new, innovative way to overcoming addiction. This approach will be focused more on where one is headed rather than where one has been. It is aimed toward living a purposeful, productive lifestyle as God intended.


Hear the dynamic testimony of Brandon Sanders! Brandon personifies the mission of Discovery Family Ministries. Since receiving salvation and being miraculously delivered from a lifestyle of addiction, Brandon strongly emphasizes men taking responsibility and represents Godly leadership among the emerging generation! 

Oberlin Covenant Church Report

Linda and I were honored to stay in the home of Pastor William and Toni Currie in Pineville, LA. He provides oversight to several home churches that gather twice a month. We are thankful for their hospitality and generosity of spirit that made our stay relaxing. In such an atmosphere, the freedom of the Spirit reigns.

Because of work and family connections, Oberlin Covenant Church sees a potential harvest among those who have been addicted. They plan to launch an initiative to reach these souls for the Kingdom of God using the Beyond Recovery workbook. (available through our website

Testimony of LaTonya Jones

Beneath her beautiful smiling face lies a history of childhood challenges ranging from sickle cell anemia to sexual abuse. LaTonya opted to end several pregnancies starting at age 16.

Her parents were never around and her extended family was dysfunctional except for her Aunt Mary whose husband was a Pastor. Through their influence, LaTonya first encountered the Kingdom of God.

But the unworthiness deep in her soul led to her marriage to an abusive man. At age 20 she ran away and joined the Army. She was deployed to Saudi Arabia to serve in the Gulf War.

After the war, she was unable to cope and drank heavily. During that time, painfully, her only child Jade drowned. She was charged with involuntary manslaughter and dishonorably discharged from the Army. 

During a brighter, yet short-lived period in Dallas, she gave birth to a son and a daughter. This ended with a series of negative experiences including a third marriage to a suicidal addict and losing custody of her two children.

Finding herself without income she returned to alcohol. She resorted to living in abandoned houses where a woman shot at her, but the gun misfired. She was taken to Mobile Metro Jail on a felony 3 for living in an abandoned house.

It was there that Ms. Carrie Jones prayed over her to receive the Holy Spirit and “bonded her out.” Within the year, she was drinking again. On August 13, 2016, she was living in a tree house on Government Blvd. planning on stabbing a man who had stolen her bicycle. She followed the man and found herself at the Wings of Life where she experienced God’s “other plan.” She met Sister Inez who brought her into the program where I met her.

LaTonya always sits on the front row in our Grad Class on Tuesday nights drinking in the Word of God. Often, I have prayed for her on Thursday evenings after our larger, open service. 

Now God is working mightily in her life. Her fractured family is being restored and she testifies, “I am no longer a useless alcoholic. I am a daughter, sister and mother. Most of all, I am a servant of the Most High God!”